Sparkle Algos

The starchy properties of rice in combination with other products that make up Sparkle, when moistened with water and applied to the skin, form an active biocomplex of substances that stimulates blood circulation and removes dead epithelium. Fulvic acid (100% organic natural substance) promotes the penetration of numerous substances into the cell membranes, making them bioavailable, therefore effectively nourishing the skin. Possesses effective adsorbing, fungicidal and bactericidal properties. Stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis and helps to brighten it (remove age spots).
Components Rice, enzymes, spirulina (phycocyanin), calcium carbonate, fulvic acid, probiotics, vitamins, starch, natural soap, malt root extract, flavanoids (liquiditin, isoliquiritin, liquiditosit, quercetin, kaempferol, apigenin), organic acids (succinic , malic, etc.), triterpinoids (glycyrrhizic acids), tea tree essential oil.
Fulvic acids are able to bind to calcium-containing compounds and stimulate granulocytes. Fulvic acids activate leukocytes, stimulate healing together with probiotics, convert inorganic calcium into organic biologically active. Provides regeneration processes. The extract of malt root in the soap powder provides an effective effect of flavanoids on the epithelium, evens out the acid-base balance and promotes gentle exfoliation of the epidermis. Tea tree essential oil has a strong anti-microbial phytoncidal effect.
Directions for use Gently pour the contents into the palm of your hand and moisten with water. Apply to face and gently massage the skin in circular motions for 2 minutes. Avoiding the skin around the eyes. Then wash off with warm water. Apply moisturizer after use.
Shelf life 1 year
Weight: 150g.
Store in a dry, dark place.
Effectively works in combination with Al'gos face mask.
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